Basic email system now tells you who really sent that email

We've all received emails that look like they came from a legitimate source only to find out, sometimes too late, that it didn't.  On the surface the from line looks like it came from a source you know, but in the background the real sender is hidden from you.  Unless you know how to read the message header, you may not be able to determine who actually sent the email.

This becomes an even bigger problem when we are shocked to see an email that looks like a hacker has taken over our email account.  They are counting on the panic to get you to send them money so they won't send supposed pictures of screenshots and your webcam to everyone on your contact list.  In reality, the email was sent from a different address and they changed the from line to make it appear it cam from your own account.  

Like you, we have had enough of this.  So we created rules on our mail system to identify these emails and then rewrite the subject line to tell you who really sent the email.  If you see [Real Sender is <>] or [Possible Phishing - Real Sender is <>] then you will know that we've identified this email as being a possible hazard and you should verify that it is legitimate before opening it.

Just another way Holland Computers is providing solutions you can trust...