Managed Services and Network Security Testing and Review

Operating a hosting environment and managing our customers networks has taught us one lesson that trumps everything we know.  Never believe that you are safe!  Just about the time you squash a virus, malware or some other bug on you network, a new one comes along.  It's usually worse than the last one and takes advantage of every possible convenience, security hole or un-patched system on your network, firewall and computer systems.  Even the systems you thought were safe are being exploited, sometimes for months before you discover it!

Viruses, Malware and other attacks are aimed at one thing, exposing your data and gaining information that can destroy your business.  It is overwhelming to face the number of attacks that go on daily, let alone run your business.  You need professional help!  You need a company that has the experience, knowledge and services that can help you protect your most valuable asset, YOUR DATA!

Scheduling quarterly or even monthly testing and reviews of your systems can significantly increase your odds of surviving these attacks.  Holland Computers can scan your network for vulnerabilities, inside and out, as well as manage the systems and policies that protect your network, systems and firewall from being exploited.

If you have been a victim of an attack, we can clean up the mess, setup managed services and protect you going forward.  What are you waiting for?