Ransom-Ware Mitigation

Over the past few months, we have taken countless calls from frantic customers telling us that their server has been compromised by some type of ransom-ware.  Typically they received a legitimate looking email with an attachment and opened it.  That's when they notice that their files are being encrypted and then they get the infamous pop up telling them to follow these instructions to give us your money and we'll give you the decryption key.
The problem is that many times the key never comes, so the damage is now encrypted data with no way to unencrypt it, a lighter bank account and a lot of frustration.  If you have a recent backup of your data, you can avoid paying the ransom, if you are OK with losing a day or two of work, but what if your not Ok with that?  What if there were a way to stop ransom-ware in it's tracks?
Holland Computers has a solution to prevent the spread of encryption across your network by setting a trap using bait files and then using that trap to actually shutdown the file sharing service on your server to stop the damage from progressing outside of the bait folder.  And while no solution is 100% foolproof, in our tests it has stopped every attempt to attack and change to bait files and prevented further access to any other files immediately. 
Is the protection of your data worth a few hours of our time to set this up for you?  Can you afford not to?
Call us and setup an appointment with our data protection specialists to learn more and schedule setup.
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