Verification emails threatens to suspend domain name

ICANN, the Internet naming authority for the United States has created a policy that requires domain owners to verify their contact information or risk suspension of their domain name.  You can read the policy here: Our registrar has implemented a process that complies with the policy, but the email sent looks very much like a phishing email and is confusing our customers as to what should be done.
While Holland Computers does not agree with the implementation of this policy, we must help our customers comply with it.  To that end, we have changed the domain administrator contact for all domains that we registered or have registered to reflect an email address that we are able to receive.  This way the verification emails are sent to us and allows us to act on behalf of the domain owner to complete the verification process.
If you have received one of these emails, rest assured we are working to ensure that your domain name will not be suspended.  If your domain has been suspended, please to not hesitate to contact us by submitting a support ticket at