Holland Computers basic email server upgrade notice - Phase II

On Friday, March 30th, from 6:00pm to 10:00pm, as part of the upgrade process, our basic email system will undergo phase II, which is to consolidate email folders and configuration files.  This move may require some downtime for the basic mail system.  
We do not anticipate the move taking the full four hours, but we are reserving the time to deal with issues that may arise from the process.  Using the web interface and logging on to the mail system from applications like Outlook and Windows Mail may be affected durring this time.  Mail delivery will not be affected, your email will be safely delivered to your account after the process is completed. 

Our Enterprise email system will not be affected by this upgrade.  

 If you experience and extended outage, problems sending or receiving emails or other problems with our basic email system, we ask that you start a trouble ticket at https://www.hollandcomputers.com/support/. By using our ticket system we will be able to prioritize issues and resolve them quickly.

As a precaution, we are asking users of our basic webmail system to backup their contacts, if you use our web based email system to store your contacts. Instructions to do this are located at: https://www.hollandcomputers.com/support/KB/a6/how-to-backup-or-restore-your-contact-lists.aspx

We appreciate your patience while we improve our services.