Service and support contracts available

Computers can be a source of aggravation and frustration, but they are necessary to efficiently run your business.  Telephone systems don't always function they way you want them to.  Printers seem to conk out, 5 minutes before a meeting and you need to print your sales report!

Sound Familiar?

For many businesses, this is a fact of life.  They do not realize that, with proper preventative maintenance, computer and telephone systems can give years of reliable service.  We know what it takes to keep those systems running at their peak, and we know how to repair them when they fail.  We can offer you the peace of mind to know that your systems will just work.  And if they should fail for any reason, our technicians can get you back in business, fast!

Preventative maintenance is the key.  we check and maintain every aspect of your computer and telephone systems, from preventing and removing viruses, to replacing failed components, to working with your software vendors to iron out problems, our staff knows what it takes.  With a service contract, we will do this on a regular schedule, making sure that the little problems don't become show stoppers. 

Service contracts let you be in control of your maintenance and repair costs.  You get a budgetable number that the accounting department will love, your staff gets to go home at night knowing they were able to accomplish their jobs successfully, and you get to take it easy, knowing that your business is running smooth and that you are on your way to your dreams of success.  

Let us show you how, visit our main website at, callus at 440-365-9906 or send us an email.  You'll be glad you did!