Beware of so called "Free" PC Tuneups!

What a great marketing SCAM!  We'll tune up you're computer for FREE!  Recently there has been a movement by the big box stores to offer these types of services with the false hope that they will boost your speed and performance or provide other services at no cost to you.   So how do they make money?  Don't they pay their employees?  Do you really think they have your best interests at heart?
So we called one of the big box stores to find out.  Sure enough they will take your machine in for free, but you're not going to leave without paying.  The idea is to upsell or find reasons why your computer needs a Virus cleaning for $140 or needs memory installed for outrageous labor rates.
 Are you really going to trust a company that sells office furniture, crayons and washing machines with your computer?
We won't do that.  We repair your needs, not the computer.  We don't resort to SCAMS just to get you in the door.  We don't need to.  We've been in business for 21 years, simply because we treat our customers with fairness and honesty.  How many of the big box stores (that are still around) can say that?
Holland Computers specializes in computers, computer repair, networking and data communications systems.  You wouldn't come to us for a new chair or a refrigerator, so why would you go to them for a computer?