Statistics Services Upgrade

Version 5.0.3631 of our Statistics software will add a number of features and incorporates some fixes for minor issues.  Here is a list of added features:
  • ADDED: A dynamic page feature that gives site administrators the ability to select the pages that use dynamic variables and that should be treated/viewed as unique pages.
  • ADDED: Additional user agent detection for mobile phones to identify mobile browsers and their functionality.
  • ADDED: Asynchronous report retrieval to eliminate timeouts on report generation.
  • ADDED: New breakdown reports to help individuals and businesses identify from which mobile devices visitors are accessing the site.
  • ADDED: New system administrator level reports that aggregate data from all sites and servers, allowing administrators to identify the sites with the highest server utilization, bandwidth, etc.
  • ADDED: Page aliases to give site administrators the ability to replace page paths with friendly names in reports.
  • ADDED: SEO reports that help you identify and evaluate positions, visibility, saturation, and Google PageRank for your website and your competitors’ websites.
  • ADDED: SEO reports that help you understand the performance of your website and your competitors’ websites in the Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask search engines.
  • ADDED: SEO research tools for determining which keywords and competitors to track.
  • ADDED: Standardized validation controls in the Web interface for consistency.
  • ADDED: Status bars to help users understand the progress of reports as they are generated (especially helpful for websites with large amounts of traffic or when running large reports and data mining reports).
  • ADDED: The ability to automate the process of monitoring search engine keyword rankings.
  • ADDED: The ability to drive more high qualified traffic to your website by improving search engine visibility.
  • ADDED: The ability to group keywords and competitors for similar products into campaigns to evaluate and compare their search engine performance to your own.
  • ADDED: The ability to import from multiple log sources for a single site.
  • ADDED: The ability to limit disk space usage by permanently excluding data from log processing using import filters.
  • ADDED: The ability to monitor your search engine ranking information over time to identify trends.
  • ADDED: The ability to track ranking information for an unlimited number of websites and keywords, including for competitor sites.