Microsoft Front Page Extensions support.

In 2004, Microsoft ended development for Microsoft FrontPage.  We continued to host and support developers 
using this tool because of its popularity at the time.  It has been 10 years since and now we must discontinue 
support and hosting for FrontPage extensions.
We are doing this because of security concerns resulting from using servers and technology that are no longer being 
supported or updated by Microsoft. Without security updates to these systems, our entire network is open to potential attacks and 
vulnerabilities.  We cannot risk the security of our customer's websites and applications, therefore the decision has been made to 
discontinue use of FrontPage extensions and Windows 2003 Server as of December1st, 2014.
Customers that are using FrontPage extensions are encouraged to contact us for a quote to re-develop their websites and/or 
applications or for our assistance in making the transition from FrontPage to other development tools.  After December 1st, 2014, 
websites using FrontPage extensions will no longer function.
Please call, or email or support staff if you have questions, or concerns.