Mail may be delayed coming from a large service provider or company that has been blacklisted

What is a DNS Blacklist (DNS Blocklist)?
Blacklists are used by mail service providers to reduce spam.  Service Providers, including us, are expected to adhere to certain published procedures to reduce the proliferation of spam.  If we violate those procedures or policies, we can expect to be listed with one of these blacklist services.  All legitimate mail services subscribe to these lists.  It is unfortunate, but the big boys like AOL, Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! All get caught up in these lists once in a while because they have abusive users that go undetected for extended periods of time.  Usually they clear this up and get de-listed within a few days.  Sometimes they are re-listed within a few days, sometimes they stay off of the lists for an extended period. 
So why is this affecting you?   Our mail system subscribes to SORBS and other blacklists, if we detect email coming from a listed source, the email is rejected and the offending server is sent a message that we do not accept spam.  This is done to protect our customers from excessive unwanted email.  If we did not use these lists, you, and the rest of our customers would literally receive thousands of emails every day.
This is why we always recommend that every business own their own domain and run their email on either their own server or use a service provider other than the big boys to host their email.
What can you do?  If you or anyone else that is having difficulty receiving emails from a certain address, you can whitelist that address in our webmail interface.  Simply logon to with your email address and password.  Once you are there, go to Filters on the left menu, then open Whitelist, right click anywhere in the right pane and click new.
If you do not see filters or Whitelists in the menu, please let us know and we can enable that option for you.