MS 365 Disable Security Defaults, Tenant, MS 365

Important: Disabling security defaults can weaken the security of your tenant, so it should only be done if you have alternative security mechanisms in place.

OFFICE 365 2FA Disable How To
Sign into as the tenant admin,
Once signed in, Click Admin on the left side of the Microsoft 365 page.
Click Show all, then click Identity,
Once you have entered the Microsoft Entra Admin Center. (or the standard admin center)
Click on Overview, click on Properties then scroll down.
Access Management for Azure Resources should be set to YES. (for that user)
Click on Manage Security Defaults.
Security Defaults should be set to Disabled (Not Recommended)

Please remember that disabling security defaults may leave your tenant less secure, as these defaults provide basic security measures. It's essential to have a robust alternative security strategy in place if you choose to disable them.