Adding dynamic page links to an existing dynamic page.

This article explains adding dynamic page links to an existing dynamic page using the EZWeb web based site editor. You can easily add referances and links to an existing dynamic page by using the "Dynamic Page Links" tool located at the bottom of the "Edit Dynamic Webpage" tool. To access the "Dynamic Page Editor" please use the following steps:

1) Log into your EZWeb web based site editor.
2) Click on the link in the left hand navigation area entitled "Dynamic Page Editor".
3) Select from the list of "Dynamic Webpages" the page you wish to add your new link or referance.
4) Click on "Edit" at the top of the list or the  image next to the page you wish to edit.

After completing these steps you will now be at the "Edit Dynamic Webpage" tool for the page you selected. Once on this page you will want to scroll down near the bottom of this page to the section entitled "Dynamic Page Links". Dynamic page links are links or referances appended to an existing page. These items already created within the system such as existing pages, links, forms, FAQs or news items as well as external links to other web pages on the Internet.

To add a new dynamic page link the first thing you will need to do is click on the "Add" button contained within this section. Once you have done this a blank input field from which you will add your new dynamic page link.

To add a link to an existing pages link, form, FAQ or news item simply select the item you wish to link to in this page from the appropriate drop down list supplied. If you wish to add a link to an external resource such as an external web site simply add the full url to the resource including the http:// at the front of the URL in the text box entitled "Link URL". You may also wish to change the title of your link by entering the title you prefer in the "Link Title" field if the supplied title does not suit your needs.

To add additional links simply follow the steps above once more starting at clicking on the "Add" button.

After you have completed your addition of dynamic page links to your existing page be sure to click the "Save & Exit" button at the bottom of the page in order to save the changes made to the page.