The steps for clean install of MAV Bitdefender.

Here are the steps for clean install of MAV Bitdefender.

Right-click desired device in Dashboard to select Edit DeviceSelect Managed Antivirus tab
1. Turn Managed Antivirus - BitDefender OFF
2. Click OK to save changes
3. Wait for Summary Tab to show Managed Antivirus - Not Installed
4. On local device navigate to C:\Program Files (x86 if 64bit)\Advanced Monitoring Agent (GP if Group Policy)\
5. Delete BDInstall.log
6. Navigate to C:\Program Files
7. Delete all Managed Antivirus entries
8. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files
9. Delete all Managed Antivirus entries
10. Navigate to C:\ProgramData (Please note: For XP & 2003: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data)
11. Delete all ManagedAntivirus and Managed Antivirus entries
12. Navigate to %TEMP%
13. Delete BDInstall folder
14. Navigate to %WINDIR%\Temp
15. Delete BDInstall folder
16. Search local drive for trufos.sys, gzflt, avc3 and remove if found
17. Open regedit.exe
18. Search Registry for BitDefender and remove all entries
19. Reboot device into Safe Mode with Networking
20. Download and run below Removal Tool:

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