FTP over SSL configuration for sites hosted with Holland Computers

As of 8/16/2017, using FTP with Holland Computers web hosting services now requires the use of a security certificate (SSL/TLS).  Sites hosted with us that are not using an certificate of their own, will be defaulted to using a generic certificate.  This generic certificate is issued to *.hollandcomputers.com and is a legitimate certificate, however it will cause an error when used because it is assigned to a domain that is not *.hollandcomputers.com.  Here are instructions on how to connect to our servers for FTP access to your site, if your site has FTP access configured:
*We will be using CoreFTP for our example, the screens will look different if you are sing another program, but the settings are universal.
  • You will need the following information:
    • Site name: ftp.yourdomain.com
    • Username: you may need to use ftp.yourdomain.com|username or just your username, depending on if your site uses an assigned or shared IP address. 
    • Password: you were provided this when you first signed up with us.
    • Connection Type: AUTH TLS or FTP with TLS/SSL (AUTHTLS-Explicit)
If you are missing any of this information, please send an email to support@hollandcomputers.com and we will be happy to assist.
  • Using Core FTP we will configure a New Site:
    • Open Site Manager
    • Use the settings below, changing the Site Name, Host/IP/URL, Username and Password as is necessary.
      • Click the Connect button, on first connection, you will be prompted to accept the certificate for your site.  If you do not own an SSL Certificate you will be presented with the *.hollandcomputers.com wildcard certificate.  Click Always Accept to store this certificate and prevent further prompting.
Once you've completed this setup you can simply open Site Manager and connect to this site in the future.
If you need additional help, please send an email to support@hollandcomputers.com and we will be happy to assist.