How to add and edit Price Categories in Atrex

Price Categories can be changed by clicking on the Options menu tab in the top menu bar 

Then: Customization/Setup,  l ookup Section Setup,   then Price Categories

 Price Categories

The Price Categories function provides the means for setting up a virtually unlimited 

number of central stock code pricing structures (i.e., for wholesale items and resale items). Once these categories are set up you can select a default pricing category and you can assign stock codes to them.  When the pricing structure of your stock codes change, you make the changes here to globally update all stock codes assigned to the price category rather than changing each stock code individually. 

NOTE:  Only price categories created using this function appear in the Price Category 

drop-down list box.  Any price categories entered directly into the Price Category field are not added to the list. 


Create A Price Category:


  To create a new price category, click the          button on the navigation control and then 

click on the empty Category field provided.  Type in the name of the price category. 

  Select the appropriate options and enter the percentages and discount descriptions in the
fields provided. 

   Click the           button to save your price category. 

Edit A Price Category:

  To edit a price category, click on the name and type the new name. 

  Change the options, percentages, and discount descriptions as necessary. 

   Click the           button to save your changes.

Delete A Price Category:

  To delete a price category, highlight the price category to delete.   (All stock codes 

currently assigned to that price category are displayed under Associated Items on the Items tab.) 

  Click the      button to delete the highlighted price category. 

  All stock codes that were assigned to the deleted price category are now unassigned.
Price Category field for these items is blank.  The Pricing tab for these items will
         still have the corresponding settings, but there is no way to make global changes. 


The Pricing tab is used for setting up your price categories and consists of:  Category, List
 Price Method and Percentage, Sales Price Method and Percentage, Discount 1, Discount 2,
 Discount 3, Discount 4, Discount 5, Update Option and Rounding, and Navigation Control. 

The following are the pricing formulas used for the calculation of prices: 

Percent Markup: Price = Cost + (Cost * (Percent/100))
 Margin Markup: Price = (Cost / (1- (Percent/100))) 

Percent Discount: Price = List - (List * (Percent/100)) or Sale - (Sale * (Percent/100)) 

TIP:  Margin is the percentage of the final selling price that is profit.  Markup is the 

percentage of the cost added on to get the selling price.  So, a selling price with a margin of 25% results in more profit than a selling price with a markup of 25%. 


The Category section contains a grid with a scroll bar for reviewing your price categories.  The grid displays the name of each price category.