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Fraudulent Websites Posing as Green Dot MoneyPak Customer Support

Internet Crime complaint Center (FBI)
VB2014 paper: Exposing Android white collar criminals

Luis Corrons dives into the world of shady Android apps. Over the next few months, we will be sharing VB2014 conference papers as well as video recordings of the presentations. Today, we have...

The Virus Bulletin
Black Hat Europe - day 2

IPv6 versus IDPS, XSS in WYSIWYG editors, and reflected file downloads. After a busy first day, I was somewhat glad that the talks on the second day of Black Hat Europe appealed slightly less to...

The Virus Bulletin
Black Hat Europe - day 1

Programme packed with interesting talks. Though the prestige of Black Hat Europe doesn't compare to that of its American parent conference, and the event certainly doesn't dominate the debate on...

The Virus Bulletin
VB2014 paper: DNSSEC - how far have we come?

Nick Sullivan describes how DNSSEC uses cryptography to add authentication and integrity to DNS responses. Over the next months, we will be sharing conference papers as well as video recordings...

The Virus Bulletin
POODLE attack forces the Internet to move away from SSL 3.0

Users and administrators urged to stop supporting the protocol, or at least to prevent downgrade attacks. After Heartbleed and Shellshock, or the SSL/TLS attacks CRIME and BEAST, 'POODLE' does...

The Virus Bulletin
Report: 15 solutions achieve VBSpam award

Surprisingly, the presence of more URLs doesn't necessarily make spam easier to block. Yet again, we have good news for those who need to run a spam filter (in other words: everyone who runs a...

The Virus Bulletin
Windows zero-day used in targeted attacks

Vulnerability used to download BlackEnergy trojan - as discussed during VB2014. Today is going to be a busy day for system administrators: they were already on high alert following a rumoured ...

The Virus Bulletin