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Business E-mail Compromise

Internet Crime complaint Center (FBI)
Linux systems affected by 'GHOST' vulnerability

Proof-of-concept email gives remote access to Exim mail server. If you administer Linux-based systems, you'd better schedule some time for patching, as a serious buffer overflow vulnerability...

The Virus Bulletin
VB2014 paper: Design to discover: security analytics with 3D visualization engine

Thibault Reuille and Dhia Mahjoub use DNS data to look for clusters of malicious domains. Since the close of the VB2014 conference in Seattle in October, we have been sharing VB2014 conference...

The Virus Bulletin
Adobe to patch Flash Player zero-day next week

Patch due next week as malvertising leads to Bedep trojan downloader. As the news of a zero-day vulnerability in Adobe's Flash Player actively being exploited reached the security community, the...

The Virus Bulletin
Alleged Flash Player zero-day used in Angler exploit kit

Adobe 'investigating reports'. Vulnerable browser plug-ins are one of the most important infection vectors, which is why it is so important to keep them up to date. If you don't, visiting a...

The Virus Bulletin
Research paper profiles victims of targeted attacks

Large organisations working in national security and international affairs run highest risk. Anyone can be a target of cybercriminal attacks these days. But some are bigger targets than others. ...

The Virus Bulletin
Paper: Nesting doll: unwrapping Vawtrak

Raul Alvarez unwraps the many layers of an increasingly prevalent banking trojan. Banking trojans remain one of the most prevalent kinds of malware. Among them, trojans based on Zeus have long...

The Virus Bulletin
VB2014 paper: OPSEC for security researchers

Vicente Diaz teaches researchers the basics of OPSEC. Since the close of the VB2014 conference in Seattle in October, we have been sharing VB2014 conference papers as well as video recordings of...

The Virus Bulletin