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StealthGenie Mobile Device Spyware Application

Internet Crime complaint Center (FBI)
VB2014: Slides day three

Thanks all for a fantastic conference and see you in Prague... or in Denver! Two days ago, a lively panel discussion closed what we can only describe as a fantastic conference. For those that...

The Virus Bulletin
'Windigo' research wins first annual Péter Szőr award

The first of many awards to commemorate brilliant researcher. When, in November last year, we heard of the passing of Péter Szőr, we wanted to do something to keep the memory of Péter alive. ...

The Virus Bulletin
VB2014: Slides day two

Another day of excellent presentations. The second day of VB2014 was just as successful as the first one, and saw 22 interesting presentations, divided over two parallel streams, on a wide range...

The Virus Bulletin
VB2014: Slides day one

Almost £1,300 donated to WWF! The inaugural Virus Bulletin conference was held in 1991, making it one of the oldest security conferences in the world. It is also one of very few conferences that...

The Virus Bulletin
VB2014 previews: an overview

Fourteen blog posts look ahead at the 24th Virus Bulletin conference. In just a few more hours, delegates will be able to collect their VB2014 badges before the conference really gets going...

The Virus Bulletin
VB2014 preview: Tech Support Scams 2.0: an inside look into the evolution of the classic Microsoft tech support scam

Jérôme Segura looks at recent developments in malicious cold calls. In the weeks running up to VB2014 (the 24th Virus Bulletin International Conference), we are looking at some of the research...

The Virus Bulletin
VB2014 preview: Ubiquitous Flash, ubiquitous exploits and ubiquitous mitigation

Chun Feng and Elia Florio look at exploits targeting domain memory opcode in Adobe Flash. In the weeks running up to VB2014 (the 24th Virus Bulletin International Conference), we are looking at...

The Virus Bulletin