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Back to the future: anti-virus engines and sandboxes

Szilard Stange makes the case for multi-engine malware scanning. The VB2015 conference takes place next month (30 September to 2 October) in Prague, with an exciting programme that covers many of today's most pertinent security-related topics. In the run-up to the event, we have invited each of the VB2015 sponsors to write a guest post for our blog. Today, we publish a piece by Szilard Stange, Director of Product Management at OPSWAT (a sponsor of every VB conference since 2008). In his...

The Virus Bulletin
Internet of Things Poses Opportunities for Cyber Crime

Internet Crime complaint Center (FBI)
VB2015 'Steganoprague' competition

Use your steganography-detection skills and win a pile of books. As VB2015 is about to begin, we announce the second part of the 'Steganoprague' competition. In this part, you will have to find URLs hidden by others inside an image provided by us. The puzzle can be played by anyone, but if you are attending VB2015, you can win seven books on computer security. The winner will be the person who finds the greatest number of URLs or, if people find an equal number of URLs, the person who...

The Virus Bulletin
Throwback Thursday: The First International Virus Bulletin Conference

This Throwback Thursday, we turn the clock back to October 1991 to take a look back at the first ever VB Conference: VB'91 in Jersey. With VB2015, the 25th Virus Bulletin International Conference, just days away, we decided to take a look back at the first ever VB Conference: VB'91 in Jersey. Next week, we expect somewhere in the region of 470 delegates from some 44 different countries to descend on the city of Prague for the 25th Virus Bulletin Conference. Back in 1991, it was a more...

The Virus Bulletin
Throwback Thursday: Virus Writer and Distributors 'Attributable Viruses'

This Throwback Thursday, we turn the clock back to July 1990, when VB looked at virus origins and some of the rare cases of attributable viruses. This week saw the confession of a former teenage virus writer: the author of the Leprosy and Leprosy.B viruses, which afflicted computer users in the early 90s, confessed all on The Register, saying "I just wanted to prove to the scenesters that even an idiot who didn't really know how to program could write a virus." The confession got us...

The Virus Bulletin
VB2015 last-minute papers announced

Ten talks covering hot research added to the VB2015 programme. There are just over two weeks to go until more than 400 security professionals descend on Prague for VB2015, the 25th Virus Bulletin International Conference. With the addition of ten last-minute papers, the conference programme is now almost complete: two keynotes (by Ross Anderson and Costin Raiu), seven 'Small Talks' and 51 regular presentations mean the three conference days are packed with interesting talks and...

The Virus Bulletin
Paper: Custom packer defeats multiple automation systems

Combination of anti-automation, anti-VM and anti-reverse engineering to make researchers' lives harder. Ever since the number of new malware samples became so large we could no longer list them in Virus Bulletin magazine, security researchers have been looking at ways to automate analysis. And ever since then, malware authors have been trying to find ways to make malware analysis in general, and automated analysis in particular, a lot harder. Often, those techniques don't appear in the...

The Virus Bulletin
Throwback Thursday: Computer Viruses: Electronically Transmitted Disease?

This Throwback Thursday, we turn the clock back to March 2003, when VB reported on a piece of research investigating the psychological toll inflicted by computer viruses. One could argue that there is more to be feared from the malware infections of today than those of yesteryear — after all, today's malware may lead to identity theft, serious financial loss, loss of intellectual property and more. But 14 years ago virus infections were already causing anxiety, frustration and anger ...

The Virus Bulletin