How to: Setup Outlook Express

Setting up Outlook Express 6 Quick Guide




Outlook Express comes bundled with Microsoft Internet Explorer. These instructions assume that you are using Outlook Express 6 for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP. The configuration may be slightly different for other versions of Outlook Express.


1 In the "File" menu scroll down to "Identities" and select "Add New Identity." This will start a wizard which will guide you through the process of setting up Outlook Express to handle your POP email. Note: If you have never started Outlook Express before the wizard may start automatically when you first run the program.


add new identity


2 Type in your name as the name of the identity you are creating. Click "OK." Outlook Express will ask if you want to switch to that identity. Click "Yes." You may get a message asking if you want Outlook Express to be your default mail client. You probably will want to click on "Yes."


enter your name


3 Outlook Express will briefly search your computer to find any existing email accounts. You may then be given the option of importing the settings from any existing email accounts that are found or creating a new account. Click on the radio button for "Create a new Internet mail account" and click "Next."


create a new mail account


4 Type in your name as you want it to appear on outgoing email and click "Next."


enter your name


5 Type in your email address in the form, and click "Next."


enter your email address


6 Change the drop-down menu to POP3, if it is not selected by default. Enter the name of the Incoming mail server as In the Outgoing Mail Server box, type the name


Please Note: Some ISP's will only allow you to send outgoing mail through their SMTP server. If you experience problems sending mail from Outlook Express, you may have to change your Outgoing SMTP to their server. A List of Local SMTP servers can be found by clicking here.


mail server settings


7 Enter your Email Address in the Account Name field and click "Next."


Note: If you want Outlook Express to remember your password, you can check the "Remember password" box and then enter it in the "Password" field.


Unity ID


8 Click "Finish." Outlook Express may then ask if you want to import your address book from another email client. If you have another email client and have addresses you want to import, you can do this now. If you don't have addresses to import or choose not to import them at this time, you are ready to use Outlook Express 6 as your POP email client.