Take Control To Computer Error Message The server maybe down or unavailable! Please try again later!

After performing basic troubleshooting and reinstalling take control services with no luck. 
Here are the steps used to hopefully resolve the situation. 

Local Cleanup steps on the system which is having issues being connected to:

Take Control cleanup

- Download the cleanup script from here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/new-swmsp-net-supportfiles/PermanentFiles/TakeControlCleanup.ps1

- Set it to download to a specific folder, create one as necessary, (e.g c:\Installer)

- Turn off take control and rbm again > run checks > wait for the status to be Not Installed.

- With one of the devices we tried, it appears there's a restriction in running PS scripts.

- We need to check the Policy set for the device to confirm if we could just run the script directly and to also confirm the previous settings so we could set it back later, Open powershell and type Get-ExecutionPolicy

- If it shows restricted, we can change it by typing Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted, this will unrestrict the restriction on running scripts.

- Then on Powershell,  type cd <FolderDirectory> (e.g cd c:\Installer)

- Then type .\TakeControlCleanup.ps1 -forceremove y

- After that finishes, Set the execution policy back Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy <PreviousOption>

- Turn On the Take Control and Remote Background and wait for the status to be Active > Run Checks > (if the button are greyed out kindly signout and sign back in into the dashboard.)

-Try to take control